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In 2011 the art historian Belinda Grace Gardner writes about the exhibition Mehr als zu viel / More than too much presented on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the Galerie der Villa about the grafics of Ulrike Schönau: „Her delicate untitled works draw tension from the alteration between condensed and loose, light passages, gyrating conglomerations of lines and empty areas.“
Amused, Ulrike Schönau talks while she draws, never lowering her pen. Her works happen on the side. In a certain sense, they embody a jovial type of chaos, which leers at you. However, once you start getting into Ulrike Schönau's patchwork of lines, her assumedly haphazardly strokes seem bold and confident. Rhythms, surfaces and bodies take form, and with their hatched surfaces, her works take on a light-darkness contrast, which arouses a sense of penetration and, with it, a spatial context. Belinda Grace Gardner describes the grafic work of Ulrike Schönaus as „two-dimensional equivalents to her suspended spatial work“, Ulrike Schönau started to built in 2007.